Free software for 32 Bit computers ,

Multiplication Tables 2002

Educational software package click the download button now to download the software to your computer over the internet, the file is a compressed zip file to reduce the download time.



IMPORTANT Release notes Multiplication Times Tables 2002

Please note if you are using a 64 bit computer Windows 7 - Vista - XP

You will have to relocate the database files to the following path on 64 Bit computers only.

C:\Program Files\ASHLEYInteractive\MultiplicationTables2002\Bin\Database




After the download is completed unzip the file, for example use the 'extract all files' or use an unzip package. Navigate down the file structure and run the “Setup.exe" program and the installation software will begin to install the application.

To uninstall the application click the start button then 'control panel' and then click the ‘Add and remove programs’ scroll down until you see the ‘Multiplications Tables 2002’ click the remove button,

Please note the old web site is not used by me after 2002, use this present web site.


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